Susan's guiding principles:

The voices of Illinois must be heard. Susan listens to voters.

The best ideas--not the most money--should determine who governs.  Susan reads, listens, and learns.

Better budget practices with transparency and consistency will bring our accounts into order and prevent today's financial situation from recurring.  Susan will ensure that more than the general fund gets reported.

We have left our state in the hands of self-serving career-builders for too long. We need people we trust in government. We can trust Susan Malter.


Susan Malter Stands Up to Trump, Rauner, and other Powerful Leaders

On the radical Trump agenda, Susan Malter made a commitment to lead attorneys in the fight against Trump's racist and unconstitutional Muslim Ban at O’Hare airport; and Susan stood up to protect innocent young people by learning immigration law to help Dreamers prepare DACA renewal applications.

On Term Limits, Susan Malter will demand term limits for legislative leadership positions. It is time to bring democracy back to Illinois.

On the Environment, Susan will fight for full funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and for a transportation solution that does not extend Route 53 through the preserve but alleviates the congestion in Buffalo Grove.

On Healthcare, Susan Malter will support an expansion of Illinois Cares so that everyone in Illinois can have affordable health insurance. 

On Revenue and Pensions, Susan will support an amendment to the Constitution to allow for a progressive income tax.

We need a fair tax system, and Illinois' regressive system demands too much from the people who can least afford to pay.

The people receiving pensions should not be blamed for the pension-funding problem. Susan can tell you that the people to blame are the legislators over the years who robbed Illinois' future by failing to fund the pensions.


Standing Up for Commonsense Approaches to Gun Violence

Susan will stand up to the special interests that have hijacked the NRA and the national conversation. 

Susan Malter supports the lethal order of protection bill that will empower immediate family members and law enforcement officers to petition the courts for a temporary removal of firearms when loved ones show signs that they are a risk to themselves or others. 

Susan supports the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which will help stem the tide of illegally trafficked firearms into our communities. We’ll also empower communities to hold corrupt gun dealers accountable.

Susan Malter supports an assault weapons ban in communities throughout Illinois.

Along with these common sense changes to gun rules, it’s vital that we provide mental health and counseling services that will prevent violence from erupting and will equip people to solve conflicts in productive ways. We should start with enhancing social and emotional learning in our public schools.

Susan supports a tax on bullet purchases, both to reduce access to bullets by people without proper licensing, and to help chip away at our state’s fiscal crisis. 


Universal Early Education

Communities earn from investing in early childhood education. It’s a seven to one return. All Illinois children should have access to preschool at two. Illinois students need the full range of arts,  STEM, physical education, experiential learning and community service. 

We need to fully fund our public schools and not overtax our property owners to get there.  When we invest in schools and services, we save when our children reach adulthood. 

As your state representative, I will prioritize investment in education at the state level so we can begin to build a fair economy in Illinois.

When we spend more on children and families, we spend less on prisons. By taking care of each other today we all have a better and less expensive tomorrow.





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