Susan stands and fights for what is right.

Susan will stand and fight for term limits for legislative leadership.  Illinois has abdicated responsibility and left our state and our lives in the hands of a powerful few for too long.

Susan helped to lead the fight against Trump in Terminal 5 at O'Hare.  She and fellow attorneys were honored as Chicagoans of the Year by Chicago Magazine for their work to protect civil rights against the Muslim Ban. 

Susan has stopped dishonest debt collectors by confronting them and demanding evidence. 

Susan has stopped deceitful lawyers from perpetrating fraud and extortion by filing motions that exposed their weaknesses. 

Susan was honored by Chicago Volunteer Legal Services for distinguished legal work on behalf of low-income individuals.  

Susan was an assistant state's attorney. She learned there that criminal behavior  was often preventable through proper delivery of health and social services. She left the state's attorney and founded Profamily where she connected at-risk families with needed services so that the children could focus on school while their families received what they needed from the community.   

Susan's success with Profamily caught the attention of the Chicago Community Trust and the Birkelund Foundation. She was invited to join boards and committees where her knowledge would support the missions of these larger civic organizations.  

Closer to home, Susan volunteered with Tenth Dems during the Kerry Campaign. She served as a precinct committeeman as well. Susan turned her attention to specific races and helped launch the Dan Seals campaign. 

Susan's parents are Marlene Shatkin, a former schoolteacher, and Henry Shatkin, a commodities trader. 


Susan lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, Bruce, and their children, Stephanie, 19, and Joe, 17. 




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